Tuition & Fees



DAILY DROP IN RATES (drop-ins must be scheduled in advance):

Beginner 50-minute class $20

Recreational rhythmic gymnastics 5+ years old, two-hour class $30

Strength and Flexibility two-hour class $30

PUNCH CARDS ARE AVAILABLE FOR STRENGTH AND FLEXIBILITY (for gymnasts, dancers, skaters, cheer, and synchronized swimmers) 1-2 days per week, 2 hours per class – $20 / class (punch cards can be purchased from the club director, $200 for 10 classes)

Monthly Membership Tuition:

Please remember that you are paying for the program and its benefits, not a specific number of hours or days per week. “Per hour” or “per week” thinking will ultimately cause a misunderstanding.  All fees must be paid in full regardless of schedule changes one week before the start of the new month or by the 1st of the month for which tuition is due.

Beginners RG  1 day / week    $60 / month
Beginners RG  2 days / week
  $100 / month
Beginners RG  3 days / week  $150/ month

Pre-team or Recreational 2 days / week two-hour practices (practice 4 hours / week) = $200 /mo

practice 7 hours / week (competitive) – $300 / mo
practice 5 hours per week (recreational) – $250 / mo
practice 4 hours per week  (recreational) – $200 / mo

Practice 9 hours / week (competitive) $350 / mo
Practice 6 hours / week (recreational) $300 / mo


practice 12 hrs / week = $400 / mo
practice 16 hrs/ week = $450 /mo


2 hrs/ week – $100/ month
3 hrs/ week – $150/ month


1 hour/ week – $60/ mo
2 hours/ week – $100 / mo
3 hours/ week – $150/ mo
4 hours/ week – $180/ mo
5 hours/ week – $200/ mo
6 hours/ week – $220/ mo
7 hours/ week – $240/ mo
8 hours/ week – $260/ mo

Strength and flexibility 1.5 hours/ week – $80/month
Strength and flexibility 3 hours/ week – 150/ month

***Dance Company scholarship is available to all our competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics team members

Russian language $50/ month
Drama club $50/ month
Russian kids choir $50/ month

Arts and Crafts 1.5 hours class $75/ month + materials fee

***All RG team members are encouraged to take dance and acting classes to improve artistry skills

Private classes are available – please inquire about pricing 303-335-6003.

Mile-High Stars Athletics assumes all our gymnasts will continue training throughout the season (August 13 – August 11)  and some summer camp days (June – August) unless written notice is given to the office one month prior to the start of the new month.  Full payment will be charged to the card on file on the second of the month if you do not pay by the 28th or do not cancel your enrollment 30 days in advance.

Annual Club Registration and Practice Insurance Fee per family – $50  

Apparatus Fee – this is a one-time investment in personal equipment when a new athlete is registered if we have the equipment in stock – needs to be purchased from club director prior to classes, if we do not have some of the apparatus – we will provide links to order online.

Late payment fee – if your tuition payment is received after the 1st of the month – add a non-negotiable $50 to your payment for that month, if the payment is not received by the 5th of the month – the child will not be allowed to participate in classes until the balance due is paid.

Bounced check fee$30

Team Choreography Fee (everyone who is planning to perform or compete needs to learn these choreographies)- 

  • Routines for levels 3, 4 and 5 are shared by all gymnasts in each level.  The coaches will choreograph level 3 during the regular practice hours, but levels 4 and 5 routines during extra practice hours in July (scheduled in advance) and will continue to work on them in the end of each class throughout the year until the last competition/ performance.  One-time fee for all three (3) routines for level 3 – $75, all three (3) routines for level 4 – $100 and all four (4) routines for level 5 – $200.  We will schedule choreography time after classes and let everyone know ahead of time when we stay extra time for the routines.  For competitive team gymnasts preparing for competitions, it is recommended to schedule private classes with the coach to clean the routines – each child learns differently and we will have to adjust routines for each gymnast individually.
  • Routines for level 6 and up are individual for each gymnast.  The coaches choreograph these routines during private lessons.  It is the responsibility of the parents to schedule private lessons.  Parents should schedule private lessons in late summer/early fall (July, August and September).  Routines fee for Level 6-8 – $150/ routine, Level 9-10 – $200 / routine.
  • Custom routine fee – if you prefer your own music, which differs from the rest of the
    group routines, you can order a custom routine from the coach, which is $200 per routine.
    * Music must be approved by the coach and club director.
    ** If you select a custom routine, your child will need to learn it during private lessons, but can be rehearsed with the team during group time after it has been learned.  Make sure the coach has time for a private lesson on a weekly basis before deciding on a custom routine(s).


FEES For Competitors only:

USA Gymnastics annual Membership for Competitors$57 (2016-2017 price)

Each Competition fee – varies by club / athlete level, usually $60-130 per competition per athlete. Our team members who want to compete are required to attend 3 competitions each year: our club’s 2 invitational meets, as well as state meet, which are organized locally by our club (MHSA).  Out-of state meets are not required, but are encouraged.  A competitive gymnast may choose to attend several invitational meets of her choice out of state / country  as well as regional and national competitions if they have successfully performed at their state and invitational meets.  Usually 2-5 competitions per year are attended.

Travel cost – if you decide to participate in out-of-state competitions, you will need to book your own flight, hotel, and car, prices vary by state/country, and time of the year.  You can reduce your travel expenses by delegating your child to another group parent (which will cut the cost of your airfare and vehicle).

Performance leotard cost – we recommend to stay within $150-300 range, leotards can be purchased from the club, gently used from other athletes in the club, online, or custom-made.
*level 3 and 4 can use only  1 leotard for all routines in any given competition
*level 5 and 6 can use up to 2 leotards per competition (1 per 2 routines)
*level 7 and 8 can use up to 4 leotards per competition (1 leotard per routine)

Coach’s travel expenses – if coach is traveling with the group, all her expenses such as airfare, hotel, food, and car are divided between the participating athletes.  All such costs are paid before the trip, regardless of your practice arrangements with the coach during the trip (if there is no practice the day of or before the competition, there is still  a warm up session and a rehearsal before the competition, conducted by a licenced professional from the club, and only a licensed professional from the club or the coach have access to warm up/ rehearsal area and can lead your child to the competition floor). Example: You arrive to the competition very late at night or the morning of the event and go straight to the venue, without having a chance to meet or practice with the coach – you still have to share the coach’s travel expense because our club provides a licensed professional for warm up and rehearsal time for all our athletes.  This club professional or a coach has to stay with all the competing children in the backstage area for at least several hours until all kids are done warming up / rehearsing and performing, sometimes it takes an entire day or two.

Practice costs when out of state – $15 per athlete per hour for group lessons, $60 per athlete per hour for private lessons – all practice times must be scheduled and agreed upon in advance with the coach .  When we travel as a team, we usually need a couple of practice hours for levels 3 and 4, and up to 5-6 hours for levels 5 and up because higher levels compete two days instead of one.

PRIVATE LESSONS All students are welcome to take private lessons.  Please schedule private lessons with the coach of your choice.  Prices and schedules vary.
*Gymnasts with past due accounts are not eligible for private lessons.
**No private lessons or camps are allowed outside of Mile-High Stars Athletics without our club’s permission.  (Not following this rule may result in the exclusion from the club without any refund).

MHSA requires either 10 hours of volunteering or $150 ($15/hour) per each team family during the 2 annual competitions (5 hours per competition) organized by our club in Denver, Colorado.

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