Mile-High Stars Athletics Rules and Policies

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and your kids!  Please help us make this a lasting and positive learning experience for everyone at the club, and our gym.  Here are a few club and facility rules and policies we would like you to keep in mind and follow, so in our turn we can provide you with the best service possible.

Team Placement

Placement on the Mile-High Stars Athletics Team is by invitation only.  Everyone starts in the Beginners or Recreational group before joining pre-team or team unless a needed set of skills can be demonstrated.

  1. Pre-team (Level 1 & 2 – practice two-three times a week)
  2. Competitive Team, levels 3 and up practice 7+ hours a week, (3-4 days per week). The MHSA coaching staff will determine placement and subsequent advancement from one level to another.


Financial Policies



Please remember that you are paying for the program and its benefits, not a specific number of hours or days per week. “Per hour” or “per week” thinking will ultimately cause a misunderstanding.  All fees must be paid in full regardless of schedule changes ( rare events such as emergencies, change of coaching staff, competitions, etc…).

The beginners and recreational classes run year-round and the payment is due by the 28th of the previous month (ex. we pay for September by August 28th).

The tuitions are not refundable. 

*Late fee of $50 will apply to your next tuition if payment was received after the due date (after the 28th).

** There is a $30 bounced check fee.

*** There are no pro-rated accounts or credits due to absences of any kind.

**** All of the make-ups must be scheduled with the coach and done within 30 days of the missed classes.

ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE $50 per family is due on August 1st.

The tuition is based on a 12-month program which runs year-round.  We offer two options: you may pay by the 28th of each month, or pay in three installments (3 times a year) on August 1, October 15, and January 15.  The 3-payment plan option will make it easier to pay additional expenses when competitive season starts, such as: competition and traveling fees, new equipment / performance leotards, summer camp (extra hours are added for the team in the summer), which come due January – July.

The summer camp weeks are flexible and can be chosen anytime during the Summer Camp schedule. Pre-register for summer camp by January 31 to guarantee a spot.  Spaces are limited, so for any changes, we need to be notified one month in advance.

Team members do not move onto and off the team (back and forth) based on illness, vacations, tax season, camps, schedule, conflicts or the like.  You are either on the team or off the team.  Your payment reserves your child’s spot on the team.

*MHSA requires either 10 hours of volunteering or $150 ($15/hour) to each family on the team annually to be able to conduct meets and other events.



*School Practice Uniforms, such as practice leotard, leggings or shorts can be purchased at Walmart across the road and have to be completely black.

*Rhythmic shoes, knee pads, and leg warmers are required and are available to purchase from the school.

*Competition leotard can be purchased from the school, from team-mates, or custom-ordered from costume designers and can be used or new. We recommend staying within $150-300 range for beginner levels.

*Every year, the USA Gymnastics federation designates certain apparatus, such as Hoops, Balls, Ribbons, Jump Ropes and Clubs for each level to compete. Consequently, MHSA requires the gymnasts to purchase these apparatus for practices and meets.  These gymnastics apparatus are also available to purchase through the school’s group orders.

  • Each gymnast must obtain a USA Gymnastics athlete membership number. The fee for this membership is required in order to be eligible for competition. No athlete may compete without this membership number.
  • Parents of each gymnast must be prepared to finance their gymnast as they advance through different levels, taking into consideration tuition increases, uniforms & supplies, competition expenses and time requirements for training sessions.  The competition entry fee will be announced 2 months before each meet and may vary from one meet to another.
  • All MHSA gymnasts are encouraged to participate at MHSA Performances throughout the year. The performance and costume fees if any, will be announced in advance before each event.
  • Travel cost- if you decide to participate in out-of-state competitions, you will need to book your own flight, hotel, and car. Beware, prices vary by state/country, and time of the year.  You can reduce your travel expenses by delegating your child to another group parent (which will cut the cost of your airfare and vehicle).
  • Practice costs when out of state- $15 per athlete per hour for group lessons, $60 per athlete per hour for private lessons – all practice times must be scheduled and agreed upon in advance with the coach.
  • Coach’s travel expenses – if a coach or instructor is traveling with the group, all her expenses such as airfare, hotel, food, and car are divided between the participating athletes.  (coach’s hotel coast is divided based on the number of days the gymnasts are in competition, so if you are competing only one day, you will split the cost for 1 day-stay, if your gymnast is competing 2 days – will participate in the 2-day stay split).  All such costs are paid before the trip, regardless of your practice arrangements with the coach during the trip (if there is no practice the day of or before the competition, there is still a warm up session and a rehearsal before the competition, which will be conducted by a licensed professional from the club, and only a licensed professional from the club or the coach have access to the warm up/ rehearsal area and can lead your child to the competition floor).  Example: You arrive to the competition very late at night or the morning of the event and go straight to the venue, without having a chance to meet or practice with the coach – you still have to share the coach’s travel expense because coach will be available during the warm up and competition.  This club professional or coach has to stay with all the competing children in the backstage area for at least several hours until all kids are done warming up / rehearsing and performing.  Sometimes it takes an entire day or two, hence why we share the traveling costs of the coach.
  • Custom routine fee- if you prefer your own music, which differs from the rest of the group routines (chosen by the club director and the coaches), you can order a custom routine from the head coach, which is $200 per routine.
    * Music must be approved by the coach and club director.
    ** If you select a custom routine, your child will need to learn it during private lessons, but can be rehearsed with the team during group time after it has been learned.  Make sure the coach has time for a private lesson on a weekly basis before deciding on a custom routine(s).

All tuition, camp, competitive fees, choreography fees or any other balance must be paid in full in order for your child to participate in practice or meets.



*All students are welcome to take private lessons.  Please schedule private lessons with the coach of your choice and club owner to make sure we have available space.  Prices and schedules vary.

*Gymnasts with past due accounts are not eligible for private lessons.

*No private lessons or other gymnastics camps are allowed outside of MHSA without our club’s permission.
(Not following this rule may lead to the exclusion from the club without any refund).


Even though Rhythmic Gymnastics is not a dangerous sport (especially compared to artistic gymnastics) – accidents happen all the time.  Therefore, our policies are as follow:

  • It is forbidden to do any gymnastics element on your own initiative without the coach asking you to do so (cartwheel, bridge, jump, etc).
  • Climbing on the stretching benches, tables or counters or any other equipment without the coach’s permission is forbidden.
  • Using the rhythmic apparatus without coach permission is forbidden.
  • In case of a medical condition, feeling uncomfortable or a recent injury – you must notify the head coach as soon as possible (the moment of, and if doesn’t apply – before the next practice begins).

We are very aware of the “potential dangers” and will make every effort to achieve and maintain a safe environment for our athletes.  We believe in meticulous progressions and lead ups for safety and soundness of skills.  As the USA Gymnastics Federation requires, we have all completed a safety course and our staff are CPR and first aid certified.

Each gymnast must be covered by the family MEDICAL INSURANCE in addition to our club’s insurance.

Training Rules and Requirements

  1. All MHSA Gymnasts are required to wear a BLACK leotard or top and BLACK leggings or gymnastics shorts at all practices. Hair will be tightly secured in bun shape.
  2. All gymnasts are required to bring a water bottle to all practices (and healthy snack if the practice is more than 3 hours long:  apple slices, carrots, etc).  Sharing water bottles is STRICTLY PROHIBITED!
  4. Snack time is in a designated area only.
  5. Gymnasts are responsible to clean up after themselves at all times. This includes putting away all equipment after every rotation, cleaning up the snack area daily, keeping the floor area clean, keeping the bathrooms spill-free, wiping counters after themselves, and placing used napkins directly into the garbage bins.  Please pick up all items before going home to avoid losing equipment or other items.
  6. You and your child need to understand that any exercise that we require your child to do is important even though it may sometimes look boring or unimportant.
  7. Please help us remind your child there will be no running, no screaming, no yelling, no horse play, and no acrobatics (unless your coach requires that of you).
  8. Gymnasts not doing what the coach asks of them during workout will be asked to sit out the entire practice or be sent home immediately.  Tween and teen attitudes will not be tolerated at any time.  Coaches will excuse gymnasts from practice for any form of inappropriate behavior.  It is a privilege to be a member of our team and you must continue to earn that privilege.
  10. Gymnasts will be respectful at all times with coaches, staff, other gymnasts and parents.  Don’t talk while the coach is talking.  Be nice to each other; no yelling or name calling.  Treat other gymnasts with respect and kindness.  Especially those younger than you.  Do not think of yourself as above anyone else no matter what level you are.  Everyone has strengths and weaknesses; if you haven’t found yours yet, you will.  Also, gymnasts being disrespectful to their parents at the gym will not be allowed to practice.
  11. Always get permission before you leave the gym for any reason.
  12. Body art has no place in training.  All tattoos real or fake will be covered at all times.
  13. Always act in a way that shows respect to yourself and for the gym. We want the gym to be a happy and motivating place to be. There is no place in our gym for belittling or rude comments, displays of anger or frustration, talking back to coaches or crying because you have given into your fears.
  14. Be honest.  Cheating is the ugliest form of disrespect to your coaches, your teammates, your parents and most importantly to yourself. If you cannot or will not complete an assignment, be honest! DON’T CHEAT.
  15. Tell your coach when your body is telling you to slow down or stop. Your coaches need to know if you are hurting or sick. It is your job to let us know. Remember, there is a difference between being sore and being hurt.
  16. Do not get on any equipment without permission at any time.
  17. Don’t use the audio/video equipment or any other electric device unless your coach has authorized it.

Schedule Changes

Although we try to keep it to a minimum, there will be times a schedule change is necessary.

Respect Your Physical Self

All of your efforts should go into building up your abilities. Fuel your body with the right kinds of food, rest your body with plenty of sleep, protect your body by being safe in the gym, listen to your body when it tells you that you are hurt, celebrate your body by making it strong, flexible and powerful enough to do the wonderful things that can be accomplished in this beautiful sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Respect Your Non-Physical Self

Gymnastics is the most demanding and difficult of all sports.  You will suffer setbacks, frustration, fear and defeat. Expect these things, face them and learn from them. Set high goals and achieve them one step at a time. Maintain a positive attitude when facing your fears and frustrations because it is your attitude that will help you overcome them.

Respect Your Teammates

Your teammates are your most important support system in the gym and during competitions. They have their own goals and dreams but they are also there to support you. You need to support them too. Cheer for them when they attempt a new skill or do a “rockin” routine. There is no “I” in team. One for all and all for one!

Respect Mile-High Stars Athletics

Respect Mile-High Stars Athletics, the coaches, the staff and the owners.

Please help your kids to be respectful to our staff and teach them to say Hello/Goodbye to MHSA staff when you come or leave the gym, and do the same – kids learn by your example.  It is our desire to have a positive and productive environment for all the gymnasts and staff.  As part of their training, MHSA gymnasts are expected to behave in a responsible and disciplined manner and to adhere to the club’s rules and regulations.  Gymnasts and their parents are expected to treat MHSA staff with respect and maintain a positive attitude.  Any disrespectful or inappropriate behavior of the gymnasts or parents may result in exclusion from the team and the club immediately and without a refund.

It’s a great honor to have you and your child in our club!  We are really happy to train your child.  Beyond the training, we are sure that we provide more than physical education; our gymnasts will have discipline, good attitude, communication and manners, team spirit, positive self-esteem, lasting friendships, fun, and a healthy lifestyle.  If you don’t believe in this, in us or in our club, it is likely that your place is not here.

Parents Play a Huge Role


Parents play a huge role in the development of a successful gymnast. Your role is every bit as important as that of the gymnast and coaches.  It is also every bit as difficult. We try to be very family oriented. We want your input and need your support because we want your child to succeed. Here is what you can do to help your child achieve her dreams.

On the physical side, it is your job to ensure that your daughter gets enough sleep, eats a healthy diet on a regular basis, gets to and from the gym on time and has the proper clothing and equipment.

The emotional side is just as important.  It is your job to provide unconditional love, encouragement and support.  Your love is not based on whether she learns fast at practice; your support is not dependent on her scoring, and your encouragement is not conditioned on her somehow making you look good; by her being the best in her group, on her team, in the state or in the country.  By doing the following things, you will be showing your daughter respect for the effort that she is putting into her sport.  Anything less will do a disservice to her and will limit her opportunity for success.

  • Please come to your child’s coaches if you have a problem or concern. We are in business to serve you and your child.  Your thoughts are important to us.  We cannot help you solve a problem if we are unaware that there is a problem.  Complaining to other parents will not solve the problem, if you respect us enough to allow us to play such a large role in your child’s life, please respect us and let us know so we have your child’s best interest at heart. You can also leave a note (even anonymous) in our “Compliments, Suggestions, and Thanks Chest”.
  • Parents perform their role at home and outside of the gym area. Within the gym the coaches and administrators play their roles. Coaching Rhythmic Gymnastics requires a very rare and extraordinary set of skills, that cannot be provided by anyone outside of our gym.  Please do not coach your child in the gym or at home at any time.  Your comments detract from what the coaches are doing and they give the gymnast another thing to think about, and it interferes with the development of the coach/athlete relationship, which is critical for the long term success.
  • There is no parent observation at any time for any classes. Please check with your coach for “open class observation.” We realize that many of you drive a long way to get to the gym. You are more than welcome to hang out here in the designated waiting area for as long as you like as long as it is not next to the training floor.  If you need to contact your child, please leave a message with the front desk and they will see that your child’s coach gets the message and gives it to your child.  If you need to talk to the coach, please do so before or after the class if the coach has time, never during the class.
  • There are no phone calls allowed during practice. (Unless it’s an EMERGENCY. Car-pool problems are not an emergency.) Gymnast’s cell phones are not allowed on the training floor at any time.
  • Parents are not allowed on the gym’s floor/carpets at any time (there may be an exception at the beginning or the end of the practice when helping dress/undress your child). This area is for GYMNASTS ONLY.  Please do not walk out to your gymnast for any reason.  Notify a coach and your gymnast can come to you.
  • Please call or text the team manager and let us know if your child is missing practice (sick or traveling, or any other reason).
  • If your child is complaining of an injury, notify the coaches at once. Your gymnast may or may not be sent home.  If the injury persists, a doctor’s note will be required before being allowed to work out.
  • If your child is running a fever, cold or any kind of communicable disease KEEP THEM HOME!
  • Family always comes first, school second, rhythmic gymnastics third, friends fourth, boyfriends – last.
  • Please see that your young athlete arrives to practice, meets, performances etc. ON TIME, you will be charged an extra fee ($1 per minute) for kids dropped off more than 5 minutes early or picked up more than 5 minutes late after practice.  We are not a babysitting service and coaches need to coach a next class immediately after the previous one. We do not have extra personnel available to watch unattended kids.
  • Please communicate with the coaches when there is a problem. Coaches are not available once workout has started, you can write a note to the coach and it will be viewed as soon as possible.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions, the fastest way to get a response is via message or e-mail.
  • Email is our primary method of getting important information to you, including closure information, upcoming events, and account billing.  We will not share your email with anyone other than our office staff.  Please inform the office if you change your email address, or do not use email at all.
  • Time sensitive information will also be posted on the MESSAGE BOARD in our gym.  Get in the habit of glancing at the message board on your way in and out.  If your children are old enough to be coming in and out alone, ask them to bring you any handouts or flyers they may be getting from their teachers.
  • Your tuition is due on the first of every month, unless you pay in three installments.  Cash & check payments are accepted.  Online checking through your bank can also be used.  If we have not received payment by the 1st of the month, your child will not be permitted to classes until balance is paid.  For this reason we will keep your credit card on file.
  • Please give us a one-month written notice if you decide to stop taking classes so we do not continue to bill you – 1 month’s written notice is required to drop from the program so we can plan accordingly and not hold a spot for your child (e-mail the school director).
  • If we close the gym due to a MEET held on your workout day, or a SNOW CLOSURE, then a make-up will be awarded.  In order to exercise your make-up, you must visit or call the office to schedule the day and class in which you would like to make-up.  Our class schedule lists the HOLIDAYS that do not constitute an additional make-up if they occur on your workout day
  • For safety reasons, we do not allow gymnasts to wait outside for their parents. Please help us by asking your children to wait for you inside until you arrive.
  • We tried to be as thorough as possible when writing these rules, but we can’t put all things possible for every situation in here.  Please use your best judgement and try to think what’s best for the team and everyone involved.  
  • Disrespectful behavior may result in expulsion from the team. (AND PLEASE REMEMBER, THERE IS NO REFUND AT ANY TIME!) PLEASE REFER TO THE “ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN” LIST IN the END OF THIS PAGE.


All team members are required to attend all of the scheduled practices.  Attendance will be taken at each practice.  Please let us know when your child will be absent.  Please submit in writing any pre-planned absences / vacations.  This helps with the rotation schedules for those days.  Any make-up practices should be discussed with the team manager and allowed only if there is room in other classes.

It is not allowed to attend other clubs’ team practices or camps without MHSA’s approval. If your child is enrolled as MHSA gymnast for USA Gymnastics Federation, attending other Rhythmic Gymnastics clubs without MHSA permission will be cause for exclusion from the club.


The club requires 10 hours of volunteering per year per family on the team. A list of volunteer opportunities can be found at our gym.

Missing practices regularly due to birthday parties, shopping, dances, camping trips, movies, fights with your boyfriend etc. are not good reasons to miss gym activities.  A big part of being a team member is learning time management.

We understand that sometimes you have a lot of homework.  It’s alright to miss gym once in a while to catch up on your homework.  If it is necessary for you to miss gym more than once a month to keep up, maybe you shouldn’t be on the team and should switch to a recreational program.

Inclement Weather Closures

MHSA has gymnasts from many school districts.  MHSA will follow the Cherry Creek School District’s closure schedule in the event of severe weather.  Anytime Cherry Creek Schools close for snow, our morning programs (classes before noon, adult class) will be closed as well.  We will then e-mail everyone whether afternoon classes will be canceled.

Pease also use your own judgment, if the roads are bad or you are uncomfortable bringing your gymnast to the gym – don’t.  Please be advised that if the weather gets bad after gym starts, early release is a possibility.  Please be available to pick your child up if this situation occurs.

Emergency Procedure

In the event of a medical emergency involving your child, the following procedure will be followed:

  1. Emergency first aid will be administered, including calling 911 for an ambulance if needed-All the MHSA’s staff have been trained with the First AID and CPR.
  2. You will be contacted using the emergency phone # on your registration form. Your instructions will be followed from there.
  3. In the event we are unable to contact you, we will follow the instructions from the emergency response unit until contact with a parent is made.

It is absolutely forbidden (this list includes but is not limited to the following):

  • Physical intimidation or injury, verbal harassment
  • Theft, destruction of MHSA’s property or property of others
  • Verbal abuse, vulgar conduct
  • Drugs/Alcohol possession; using drugs, consuming or under the influence of alcohol (including providing drugs or alcohol to other gymnasts)
  • Self-destructive attitude
  • Firearms or weapons of any kind
  • Taking videos/photos without the MHSA’s approval
  • spreading gossip
  • fighting on the carpet
  • arguing with coach
  • persuading others to go to or switch to another competitive club
  • taking private classes and additional lessons from other competing club