Welcome to Mile-High Stars Athletics Kids Club!  You will find the best variety of kids classes in town here with MHSA!  All of our teachers are highly qualified professionals and volunteers.  We offer the following classes:

* Preschool Gymnastics classes for girls and boys
* Preschool dance for boys and girls
* Modern Dance classes for boys and girls beginner and advanced levels 6+ and 8+
* World Dance for boys and girls 6+
* Rhythmic Gymnastics for preschoolers, recreational, pre-team and team
* Professional stretching and flexibility classes for dancers, skaters and other athletes
* Olympic Taekwondo for boys and girls 5-6, 7-12, and 13+ years old
* Personal training and private classes in any of our disciplines
* Arts and Crafts
* Russian Drama Club
* Russian Language for ages 4-5 and 6+

Our full list of classes can be found on this page.

What is Rhythmic Gymnastics?

A combination of gymnastics, ballet, modern and other dance styles, as well as 5 types of apparatus handling (ball, hoop, jump rope, clubs and ribbon).  Rhythmic gymnastics is known as the most graceful and spectacular of the Olympic sports.  Our girls develop and improve flexibility, leaps and turns, balances, acrobatics skills, endurance and ability to withstand pain; and skills such as work ethic and teamsmanship.  Rhythmic gymnastics also helps with brain development and coordination skills through regular apparatus handling and mastery.  Attending rhythmic gymnastics classes is like attending several different sports at once (gymnastics, ballet, dance, and circus training), which is why our rhythmic gymnastics practices last longer than usual gymnastics or dance classes.